The Company boasts one of the richest collections of designs which would satisfy the expectations of clients in most cases. Existing designs can be modified in terms of size, colors, and texture.

In addition to preserving the Bulgarian rug-making tradition, this category is an example of exquisite blending of tradition with the latest fashion trends in home textiles of 21st century, in a fine and stylish way.

The smooth-woven category of rugs represents two-faced rugs, the employed technique being based on the Kotel Rug Weaving techniques (after the name of the town of Kotel in Eastern Bulgaria, famous for its long-standing traditions in the area). The difference is that available patterns and color combinations have never before been featured in combination with this technique.

Smooth-weave rugs are very light-weight and low-maintenance.

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Each order is individual and the customer can determine the size and color of the carpet itself!

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