About the Rugs

Over the past 15 years HEMUS Ltd. Velingrad succeeded in promoting Bulgarian quality on the European market. The rugs of the company can be found in some of the most renowned buildings in Europe, while media such as Interiors UK, Architectural Digest, Houses and Gardens, etc. have paid tribute to the mastery of works.

HEMUS Ltd. Velingrad rugs are not available as mass-market products. Going for individual unique designs to suit the home for which the rug is intended is the name of the game for the Company. The designer rug can be the spatial point of dominance, embodying the most extraordinary creative phantasies or, alternatively, it can be in harmony with the other elements of the interior, echoing patterns and colors of surrounding furniture, paintings, curtains or other parts of the room, thus complementing, and complimenting too, the overall look and vibe of the room.

To allow such performance, in the course of 20 years the Company gradually has managed to close the production cycle and train valuable qualified staff with specific knowledge and skills related to the specific stages of making masterpieces. For a HEMUS rug is not just a rug; it is a unique piece of art to become a precious heirloom for generations to come. Historically rugs have always been the most expensive and important element of the interior. In the past rugs were cherished as family relics and investment because they tend to appreciate overtime. The team of HEMUS Ltd. Velingrad traditionally would invite the owner of the rug to the workshop while the rug is still on the loom to place a “signature” on the rug (e.g. to tie a couple of knots making the rug his/hers and unique), as well as to meet the women at the loom making the rug.

A curious thing about unique handmade rugs is that with years and with use their quality and price go up. Rugs created by the Company 20 years ago are emerging at auctions across Western Europe at double price.

HEMUS LTD – The affordable Royal Luxury for your home.