HEMUS LTD – The affordable Royal Luxury for your home

The motto comes from the clients list of the company that has conquered the European customers!


The motto of HEMUS is "Royal comfort and quality of real prices". It comes from the clientele of the company, which has hand-carved furniture, a large part of the European elite: palaces, private mansions, state buildings and museums.

In the last 15 years Hemus Ltd has demonstrated its high quality to some of the most elite buildings in Europe. High –end publishers like: Interiors UK, Architectural Digest, Houses and Gardens have written about the company

HEMUS is the leader in Europe in storing know-how for the reproduction of hand-made textiles.

HEMUS is the symbol of uniqueness and custom-made. It is précised and creative and makes its carpets into an asset for the generations.

Now HEMUS has the pleasure to show you its home collections.

The engine of this activity and the main designer and author of these masterpieces, Nino Parpulov, continues to repeat

"My dream is to leave some of the unique production in Bulgaria, because in all years of work everything has been exported abroad"

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HEMUS LTD – The affordable Royal Luxury for your home.